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KBS Valves provides premium quality conduit gate valves throughout India. We are a manufacturing unit of Keshar Bhawani Engineering Co, a company that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. In India, we are a pioneering brand name manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. By incorporating innovative design characteristics, KBS Brands Through Conduit Gate valves provide improved value. These valves have a full bore port, rising stem, OS & Y type with floating seats, and are designed and manufactured in the United States. These valves are built to last and may be easily maintained in-line. Pressure drop and turbulence are reduced because of the complete port bi-directional flow capabilities. When a tight mechanical seal is required, the expanding gate valve is recommended. It does not require line pressure to seal.
In the valve industry, KBS Valves Industries is a well-known Gate Valve Manufacturer. We know how to create high-quality gate valves out of graded material. Gate valves are used to stop the flow of fluids such as water, oil, gas, steam, air, and other similar substances. It has a vertical-gated body shape and is put in the midst of the flow to simply turn on or off the fluid. We manufacture standard quality gate valves to the technical specifications of our customers. Gate Valves are available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 24″.
Please contact us if you require a Gate Valves manufacturer, exporter, or supplier in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vapi, Surat, Valsad, Anand, Kadi, Chattral, Kalol, or Ankleshwar.
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