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Globe Valves

A globe valve is a linear motion valve that is used to stop, start, and regulate flow.Globe Valves Manufacturers in India.
A Globe valve’s disc can be completely removed from the flow path or completely closed.
Globe valves are often used to control flow.

The flow control range, pressure drop, and duty must all be considered in the valve’s design to avoid premature failure and provide excellent service.
Valve trim for high-differential pressure-throttling service must be properly developed.

Types of Globe Valve

Bellow Sealed Globe Valves
Angel Type Globe Valves

Advantages of Globe Valves

Minimal fluid leakage
Convenient adjustment to raise or lower flow
Precise shutting mechanism
Ideal to use in the high-pressure systems
Easy operation by an automatic actuator
Perfect for regular usage with no risk of wear of components
Better shut-off capacity
Easy installation in different layouts
Ideal for throttling fluid flow in certain applications.
Easy to repair


It is suitable for use as a shut-off valve with heat-conducting oil, toxic, flammable, highly permeable, environmentally polluting, and radioactive fluid pipelines. It can be considered a high-quality product for creating a leak-free factory.

To name a few, the bellows seal globe valve is highly used in petrochemical industries, the electronics industry, various plants, vacuum industries, etc.

Refineries, Power stations, Process & General Industry
For water, steam, gas, oil, and other media

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