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Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer

Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer

Keshar Bhawani Engineering Pvt Ltd is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Keshar Bhawani Engineering Pvt Ltd is a High-Quality Diaphragm Valves Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer.
We are a leading manufacturer of Diaphragm Valves in Ahmedabad and nearby areas.
We subject each and every Diaphragm valve to stringent quality control tests at every stage of production, ensuring perfection in every respect.
We utilize optimum quality raw materials for manufacturing.
Our team tests our Diaphragm valves on our in-house modern facilities, following the latest Indian/International Standards for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Testing.
We standardize the manufacturing of Diaphragm Valve components, guaranteeing easy interchangeability for effortless and quick maintenance.
Diaphragm Valves consist of a Valves physique with two or greater ports, a diaphragm, and a “weir or saddle” or seat upon which the Diaphragm closes the valve.
The fundamental development of the Diaphragm Valves is pretty simple.
The Diaphragm Valve consists of three main components, namely Body, Bonnet, and Diaphragm. These valves are specifically designed to handle Corrosive, Abrasive, Viscous, or Fibrous Fluids.

Types of Diaphragm Valve

Weir-type diaphragm valves
Straight-through diaphragm valves
Safety diaphragm valves
Zero-dead leg diaphragm valves
Sanitary diaphragm valves

Feature of Diaphragm Valve

Ease of maintenance
Corrosion resistance
Throttling capability
Safe operation

Application of Diaphragm Valve

Chemical processing
Food and beverage processing
Water treatment
Oil and gas

KesharBhawani Engineering Pvt Ltd is a Manufacturer of Diaphragm Valve.
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Welcome To KESHARBHAWANI ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED. For over 15 years, the Kesharbhawani Engineering Private Limited family has been building relationships and Completed many Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects Works for SS, MS, Aluminium, Brass and etc Range of Products in India. We are Serving Many Industries by providing Our Premium Quality Products